Monday Company is a company based in Stockholm, Sweden. With the aim to sell nice, good looking and fun embroidered patches and accessories for creative kids.

My name is Frida, I live with my daughter Iris and my partner David in Stockholm. When my daughter started preschool, I realized how much clothing a 2,5 years old trouble maker is actually spend. All of a sudden there was a pile of clothes that had holes or impossible spots on them. To discard the clothes she had not had time to grow out of than did not feel good so I started to attach embroidered patches on the places that needed an update. Quickly I realized that it was both fun and environmentally conscious to refresh old clothes with embroidered patches.

Unfortunately, the supply in Sweden is not the best when it comes embroidered patches so I started looking patches outside Sweden and found a bunch of patches that I liked and bought. Both from established large companies and small entrepreneurs.

When I realized it was not just me who had an need for embroidered patches in Sweden, I bought a few extra and began selling to friends and family. I also knew that I wanted to try to do custom embroidered patches with my own design and soon they will also show up here for sale.

Hope you will like it!

Contact me at: shop@monday-co.com, or follow me on instagram.