Almost all our patches can be ironed fixed with an iron. We always recommend to also sew the patches either by hand or with a sewing machine for extra durability. This is especially for garments that will be washed in the washing machine.

Some of our patches must be glued with fabric glue. This is clear in such cases in its product description. (right now, it’s only the Scout Kitten that needs to be glued with fabric glue).


1. Set the iron to cotton/linen.
2. Position your patch where you want it. It is important that the fabric is flat!
3. Place a tea towel, old T-shirt or other thin piece of cotton fabric on top of the patch.
4. Wipe the patch with moderate pressure for at least 60 seconds.
5. Remove the tea towel and ensure that the entire label has stuck to the garment. If this were not the case, repeat steps 3 and 4 again.